Sunday, January 10, 2010

The lost pictures

Hello again;

Today I'm watching football (the playoffs started yesterday) Right now New England is getting beat by Baltimore. I'm waiting for the next game, The Packers and the Cardinals. I hope Green Bay wins. Because I know we can beat them if we meet in the super bowl.

I took Flynn for a walk this morning just up and down the main street. His feet get cold but today it was above zero, warmest day we've had in three weeks. He loved it, going for a walk is His favorite thing. Although He also loves guarding the garage or going for rides in the truck.

I got my camera dusted off and the batteries charged. I took it out and took some action pictures good enough for national geographic magazine. Magnificent stills suitable for postcards.

I headed home guarding my camera from the cold and snow. Hiding it from any jealous artist who would gladly steal it and claim the pictures for their own illgotten gain.

When I got home I hurried into the computer room, I locked the door and put up the do not disturb sign and pulled the shades.

I plugged in the camera to upload the photos , I got them on the screen I clicked on delete all ((NO STOP I DIDN'T MEAN THAT)). I meant copy all. I went back to try to do it all over again, I flipped and clicked every butten on this machine I drug this and pushed that but still they were gone. Gone never to be seen again.

So all you get are these two pictures of my dog. And by the way they are from last winter.
Maybe tomarrow I can do better.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm back in 2010

Hi everyone;
I'm back ,If anybody missed me. I'd like to say I've been so busy I haven't had time to write anything. That wouldn't be true but I'll go with it anyway.
I did work this past summer, part time as a clerk at a convenience store . And I helped Adam with His firewood business. But mostly I didn't do anything too productive.
Now Its winter. I haven't been Ice fishing once, It's been to cold to even take Flynn for a walk. But I'm going to do something. I'm going to start blogging again.
The only reason I put the picture of the rusty roller up is I don't have any new pictures, and it looked so good three years ago before it got so old and rusty.
But tomorrow I'll see if my camera still works and take some pictures and see if I can come up with something interesting to say. But for now I'm just going to be happy if I can get this posted.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wooden farm tractors

To all the people of the world wide web; The first thing I'd like to tell you is I made a new years resolution, and that was to post an entry on my blog site every day all year, and create world peace. Well the first part hasn't been going so well but I am going to try harder, and the second part isn't going well either, But I think I can pull it off. One thing I am doing is making toys. I just talked to one of my many many readers on the phone and she asked me to put pictures of some of the tractors I make on my blog. So here thy are. I'm assuming she meant farm tractors. I also made a bunch of new semi tractors.
I made one kind so far, modeled after the tractor's of the good old days. I gave them two different paint jobs. The one above is colored to roughly match a farm all, and the one below to look like a John deer. Everyone that's seen them seems to like them. As a matter of fact I just brought them from the shop a few days ago and I only have two left for next Christmas, the rest I gave away already. I'm definitely going to half to make a lot more.

That's all I have to say right now. I have to work a half day tomorrow I haven't done that for a while, I can hardly want.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Firewood; For the last two days I've been helping Adam deliver firewood. All the loads we've delivered for two days have been to the Ely area. That's about 45 min. to an hour one way depending what side of town we go to. So there's a lot of rest time between loading and unloading, it's kind of a easy job. But the point to this little story is Adams truck. Adam was so impressed with one of the trucks I made this year that. He had to go out and find one exactly like it, buy it and go into the firewood business. Go figer.

I just hope Scott don't quit his job and become a police man.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toy Maker

Here I am again in my own little world. Putzing with little chunks of wood and glue. I've started on my list for next year. I really have a good time in my workshop I'm just sorry they quit playing Christmas music on the radio.
I have been working on coming up with a Volkswagen I've made one Proto type, It's not bad but I can do better. That's for one good little girl on my list, and another good little girl put in her request for a corvet. that might be fun to.
The V.W. Proto type is the one above. The one below is a pickup getting some sanding done.

I like looking at pictures on other blogs so I'm assuming other people might like seeing some pictures on mine. I have a lot of photo ops in my shop. because I do a lot of things out there. I have an easy chair in front of my wood stove and sometimes me and the dog tell each other fish stories till we both fall to sleep , that would be a good picture. I think maybe tomorrow I'll take an alarm clock out there so I can set it, walk up and take a picture then go back to sleep. Anyway (Flynn) likes to stand guard when I'm working I guess to make sure some stray dog does`nt come along and pee on a tire of the rusty roller.

No dog would stand a chance peeing on that truck with Flynn on duty.
gotta go , see you next time.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Toys For My Tots

To whom it might concern; I know I've been out of touch for some time. Some think longer then I might want to believe. ...............So where have I been this time. Well It's a weak excuse but I worked long hours this fall and I've been busy doing---------*$$#%----- NO that's just B.S. I've just been lazy. I'll try to do better now that winter is here. I have been making Christmas toys in my spare time with my spare wood. So I took some pictures of some of the trucks that I gave to all my good little boys and girls. I had a late start but I got about twenty done, there are S.U.V's like the one above' There are also cars and trucks, style sides and step sides, some carrying fire wood and some empty, I've got police cruisers and semi's

I hope you like the pictures. This is a step side.

This is a style side with a load of firewood.

This semi is pink because it's a girl truck. (Alyssa)

John deer green (Tylens) favorite color. Not to be mistaken for Green bay Packer green.

( Wade) likes shiny black. His grandpa helped me make this and many others.

This a group picture of about half of what I got done this year. My goal for next year is 200 and every one will find a home with a kid. I made these same trucks 30 years ago when my kids were little, now I'm making them for my grandkids and in another 15 years or so I'll be making them for my great then my great great then my-------UPS---- I better say good-night and go to bed I'm dreaming already

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Cow Tipping When I was a kid the group of boys I hung around with were basically pretty good kids. Not as perfect as I would like people to believe sometimes. We did make a little mischief now and then, which was hard to do in a small town. Eveyone knew all of our pranks and it was hard to come up with new ones.
We would set a bag of dog poop on fire on somebodies front step then ring the door bell and run. Out of the dozen times we tried that one, not once did anyone come running out of the house screaming and stomping on the bag to put out the fire. They would just kick it off the porch and hollor in the darkness that they were going to tell our parents. But they didn't know exactly who it was.
I guess our favorite mischief was raiding gardens. Just about everyone in town had a garden. We'd sneak around after dark and feast on cucumbers and carrots. Our favorite garden was our postmaster's. He had a higher fence but he grew strawberries and raspberries, that was living. Every now and then someone came out and chase us away. We'd head for the bushes and again they would hollor into the darkness "Get out of here before I send the dog out." Which was a laugh because just like they knew all the rotten kids in town we knew all the rotten dogs. And chances were there dog was already with us along with there kid.
But the one almighty prank of pranks, the one thing that would put us in the book of famous pranksters, would be if we could tip a cow. Let me run through this real quick for those of you who never heard of cow tipping. First off, cows sleep standing up, We did'nt know why they slept standing up, maybe thier legs won't bend that way or maybe it's to keep predators away. If it's the predator thing it didn't work to keep us away.
There was only one person in town that had cows. His first name was Premo, and He had about ten cows in a small pasture. We tried this once before, but too many guys showed up at Premo's pasture. We had a possey of twenty-five teen age boys. Premo came out and shot his shotgun in the air, we took off running in all directions and the cows scattered all over the place, what a mess. But that was the year before and we were ready to try again.
Wally was the first to mention it. He said that me and him could do it and not tell anyone else. We'd go out at midnight and tip us a cow. That sounded well and good but Wally could sneak out of his house at midnight. I couldn't, to many sisters and a brother. Some one would always wake up and set off the alarm then everyone would wake up.
I would have to tell Marty so we could go camping. It would be just the three of us. But Marty's cousin Stan was staying over, could he come along? O.K. but thats all except for Russel who was a slow runner but always wanted to tip a cow. But that was it, just the five of us.
Everything was in place. It was midnight. So the seven of us , Jim and Billy couldn't be left out either. We snuck off down the road to Premo's pasture.
We had a meeting before hand and made a plan. Wear dark cloths, no flashlights, be very quite. Aproach the cows with the wind in our faces so they could'nt smell us. When we found the right cow, Me and Wally would tip it. Every one else would be quiet and watch. If it didn't wake the others, someone else could tip the next cow, and so on. And by all means don't do the bull.
All of a suden here we are. Quitely one by one we went over the fence. We could see all the cows appeared to be sleeping. Premos house was dark, he had no dog. The wind was to our faces. We tip toed, crept and crawled up to a likely cow. We could do this. Me and Wally moved in for the score. We were at its side, the cow was sleeping, we didn't wake it. I slowly put my two hands side by side by it's front shoulder. Wally was possitioned at it's rear flank. Quitely he motioned One- two- three, and together we pushed with all our might. It wabbled, and for a second we thought it wouldn't go down. Then after the wabble it wiggled and shook. It turned fast knocking Wally down on his butt in a big warm cow pie. It took off runing and mooing and bumped into another cow that was sleeping on its feet. That one was mader then the first, it groweled at us. All the cows and the bull woke up. All mooing and running blindly in the small pasture . Seven fourteen and fifteen yeary old boys running to get out of thier way.
The cows tipped over two more boys. Stan and Billy were tipped into cow pies by diferant cows. Luckly no one got stepped on in the stampeed. We all made it over tha fence and out of danger of the mad cows. We were in the trees before Premo came out.
We didn't get a cow tipped, and we never tried again. Those cows probably were`nt even sleeping, just being quite. I think the joke was on us. But the younger boys in town thought we tipped one, so we were heros. We didn't want to dim thier impression of us so we let them think it.
*******************************THE END**************************