Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toy Maker

Here I am again in my own little world. Putzing with little chunks of wood and glue. I've started on my list for next year. I really have a good time in my workshop I'm just sorry they quit playing Christmas music on the radio.
I have been working on coming up with a Volkswagen I've made one Proto type, It's not bad but I can do better. That's for one good little girl on my list, and another good little girl put in her request for a corvet. that might be fun to.
The V.W. Proto type is the one above. The one below is a pickup getting some sanding done.

I like looking at pictures on other blogs so I'm assuming other people might like seeing some pictures on mine. I have a lot of photo ops in my shop. because I do a lot of things out there. I have an easy chair in front of my wood stove and sometimes me and the dog tell each other fish stories till we both fall to sleep , that would be a good picture. I think maybe tomorrow I'll take an alarm clock out there so I can set it, walk up and take a picture then go back to sleep. Anyway (Flynn) likes to stand guard when I'm working I guess to make sure some stray dog does`nt come along and pee on a tire of the rusty roller.

No dog would stand a chance peeing on that truck with Flynn on duty.
gotta go , see you next time.


sulli said...

so lets talk about that volkswagon... sure looks good for a proto type... but I think it may need some racing striping down the sides, in say... lime green? What do you think?
maybe add a couple of lime green windshield wipers while your at it... huh?

jettied said...

I remember that bug...and wanted it till they said something about heaters not working....Yes i so love the pics...did Sulli show you all what I did with them?

Bec said...

I love the pictures too! Scott showed everyone his new cop car and Liv's new Jeep...feeling a little left out here!

Anonymous said...

me too!!!