Thursday, December 25, 2008

Toys For My Tots

To whom it might concern; I know I've been out of touch for some time. Some think longer then I might want to believe. ...............So where have I been this time. Well It's a weak excuse but I worked long hours this fall and I've been busy doing---------*$$#%----- NO that's just B.S. I've just been lazy. I'll try to do better now that winter is here. I have been making Christmas toys in my spare time with my spare wood. So I took some pictures of some of the trucks that I gave to all my good little boys and girls. I had a late start but I got about twenty done, there are S.U.V's like the one above' There are also cars and trucks, style sides and step sides, some carrying fire wood and some empty, I've got police cruisers and semi's

I hope you like the pictures. This is a step side.

This is a style side with a load of firewood.

This semi is pink because it's a girl truck. (Alyssa)

John deer green (Tylens) favorite color. Not to be mistaken for Green bay Packer green.

( Wade) likes shiny black. His grandpa helped me make this and many others.

This a group picture of about half of what I got done this year. My goal for next year is 200 and every one will find a home with a kid. I made these same trucks 30 years ago when my kids were little, now I'm making them for my grandkids and in another 15 years or so I'll be making them for my great then my great great then my-------UPS---- I better say good-night and go to bed I'm dreaming already


sulli said...

These vehicles were an awesome hit with the kids! Tylen is hauling lincoln logs daily now that he has the big rig to do it with!

Im so glad your back... You are back right? This wasnt just a teaser post was it???

Dana and Daisy said...

That Pink Semi ROCKS, Skip!
Welcome back and Happy New Year!

p.s. I have a new address:
and I'll add you to my blogroll today! So you better post some more because all three of my readers will come over and look to see what you're writing! haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi skip I remember when you made some for us when I was a kid and they ment alot to us and will never be forgotten. Thanks

jettie said...

OOOHh the memories!! Iam on the list for next year...right?

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Your Back right? oOHH I have missed you really i have..OOHH fiddley Dee..You know I have!!

Bec said...

We also loved the trucks - Liv and Scott play cops and robbers with them! Liv gets pulled over by the coppers but ends up being best friends with them so she always just gets off with warnings!!