Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wooden farm tractors

To all the people of the world wide web; The first thing I'd like to tell you is I made a new years resolution, and that was to post an entry on my blog site every day all year, and create world peace. Well the first part hasn't been going so well but I am going to try harder, and the second part isn't going well either, But I think I can pull it off. One thing I am doing is making toys. I just talked to one of my many many readers on the phone and she asked me to put pictures of some of the tractors I make on my blog. So here thy are. I'm assuming she meant farm tractors. I also made a bunch of new semi tractors.
I made one kind so far, modeled after the tractor's of the good old days. I gave them two different paint jobs. The one above is colored to roughly match a farm all, and the one below to look like a John deer. Everyone that's seen them seems to like them. As a matter of fact I just brought them from the shop a few days ago and I only have two left for next Christmas, the rest I gave away already. I'm definitely going to half to make a lot more.

That's all I have to say right now. I have to work a half day tomorrow I haven't done that for a while, I can hardly want.


sulli said...

Those tractors are great! I bet all your grandchildren will love them to death!

jettied said...

We need 4 green ones...Asap!!!1
or soon!!! they are so cute!!!!!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

well at least you've been staying out of trouble making toys!

Those are awesome tractors Skip!

Bec said...

Those are really cool, you can see the engine and everything!! How did you make those to look like that? I guess next you should master making riding lawn mowers!!

Us said...

Hi Skip! I joined blogging and had so much fun reading your blog. I still have the train set you made for the girls like 20+ years ago! I haven't been able to hang on to much over the years but the train set I still have! I remember thinking how nice it was for you to take your time to make them for the girls, each piece being unique and special. One day I will pass them on to the girls to give to their children, just haven't been able to part with them yet! Personal favorite tractor is the John Deere look alike! Michelle T.

Jettie said...

Happy Valentines day!!

Anonymous said...

hum....10 days exactly you and your wifey poo blogged apart..10 days has come and gone...and still we hang on?
Scarlett has lost it..waitng for some sign that This blogger has not gone away.
Where are you both we ask...on an island far away?
Frozen in your cap and new slippers?
in the garage painting Refers?
What ever it may be..We so hope you are both faring well and just bidding your time drinking scratch that ...make it whiskey!
drop us a line...Iam getting worried...I hate to hook up the dogs to the sled if you just been watching tv!!

not irish said...

If you were seeing me do my little jig and looking for your pot of gold soon on dis blog!!

Scarlet said...

OOHH fiddlede dee!! Iam so glad your not back too!! OOHH cause I really couldn't handle two in one day!! And i shall do what I want!!
But you are coming back..right Rarly You are ...right?

Dani said...

OH NO GRANDPA!!! Three more months untill you have to blog again!!

Anonymous said...

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Jettie said...

Happy New Year!!!
humm well you'll know who this iam signed in...but soon it will be your 1 year anniversery of NOT posting!!
So yahoo on that!!!:)~ but I am sure you have been hard at work!! The boys ever so love there trucks!!

Anonymous said...

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