Saturday, March 29, 2008

Congradulations Dani

I want to congratulate my granddaughter Dani on her honer role status. And I'd like to do it on this blog space because my spelling is so much better here. If I could have done as well as her in school I wouldn't have this problem now. Keep up the good work.
What else is new ? In a little wile I'm going to a friend's house and get my bumper fixed then I'll show you all a picture of it. The only problem is yesterday the breaks went out. I ordered the part I need but it won't be here tell Monday afternoon.
I guess that's the price you have to pay if you want to drive something as antique as the rusty roller. But it's so worth it when I get all the looks or admiration and stairs of envy when I drive by. When I see someone point and whisper behind his hand to a friend I just know he's saying " Boy I wish I had one of those".
Went to a boat show yesterday. A pontoon boat like the one I sold now cost $27,000.00 boy am I out of the loop. But it doesn't matter I've got a good boat I got from Sarah. I can hardly Wait to get it in the water.
Got to go I,m rambling.


sulli said...

Im proud of your granddaughter too! She sure is doing a great job this year! I hope your boat is a good one...cuz I sure got a great bow out of the deal! Thanks again!!
I think Im gonna take it out today! hip hip hooray!!

Jettied said...

Congrats!!! cute pic!!