Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sorry I'm late with part two but here it is.

This story has a meaning. I could tell you but then you wouldn't get it. But if you get it I won't have to tell you.

-------------------COREY PART TWO---------------

I came by one evening and he didn't answer my shout. So, I knocked on the door, no answer. I looked through the window to see that his fire in the stove was out. Then I broke in, only to find old John wouldn't be telling stories anymore.

The sceme at the graveyard was like his life, sad and lonely. There was just the three of us, the grave digger, me and the preacher who said, "Don't worry about this man God cares." Then they put the cold earth over him and I thought I was alone.

I got up to leave and discoverd a woman standing beside me. I said, " If you're a relative, I just want to let you to know John was a friend of mine, and he died peacefully in his sleep." She said to me, " My name is Corey, and I'm just a friend." A shiver went down my spine and I remembered John saying "My Corey's coming no more sad story's coming."

Well that's the old man's story. I'm glad you came tonight because this railroad station gets a little lonely for me up here all by myself.

People wonder why a young man would live up here and work a job that pays so little. I confess I miss the old man a bit. But there is one more reason I stay up here at this depot.

Can't you see my Corey's coming, and I won't be telling any more sad stories. She'll be my midnight, moonlight, morning glory, and like he told me, that when she holds me she'll enfold me in her world.

-------------------------------------THE END---------------------------------


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yeah spooky. But I liked it, keep them comming!

jettied said...

OOHh I loved them stories!!!!!!!!!
I just loved them..iam such a sap by part 2 I had tears in my eyes.