Thursday, March 20, 2008


Stink eye in the morning.. I know how she feels. Today I have a day off so I was going to sleep in. But at 6:00 this morning my devil dog that I have to weak up every morning at 6:00 and bring in so he wont bark and wake the neighbors. Was out side barking his fool head off. But in all fairness I suppose he though I over slept. So his plan was to wake up the neighborhood and the phone calls from all the angry neighbors would wake me and he would be the hero. Boy I have a good cat.
OK enough stores for a wile. Two in a row was a bit mush. I'm going to considerate on taking good pitchers, like you guys are so good at. Yesterday would have been a good for that with all that sunshine. But I'll try again.
Oh ya I'm sorry my postings are at all weird times. I'd like to do them in the mornings every morning at about the same time. but this work thing kinda screws me up. I think I'll quit.


Bec said...

You better quit your job if its interfering with your bloging. Oh and I LOVE the pic of miss Baily Mae!!! I sure do miss her.

MN Mom said...

That is a perfect stink eye pic of Bailey, She gives that look everytime someone says something she does`nt like, like NO. LOL

Jettied said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give that lok to when someone wakes me up iam not kidding..ask Grizzly!!
And i feel for ya when we lived in town we had a puppy and it barked.I hated that!!

sulli said...

Whatcha talking about!?! Thats a great picture. Of course, shes adorable no one could screw up a picture of her. I agree with bec. You better quit if its interfering with your blog. Im considering doing the same. what do you think?