Sunday, March 9, 2008

dog do do

Cute ant they.. Wrong puppy's are evil. Mine is the worst if you don't believe it take him for a day and you'll see.

Yesterday morning Adam came over and we made a couple of dog kennels to put the in overnight We made them in my garage. Flyn was in trouble for something in the house so grandma tied him out. I being a sap felt sorry for him and brought him in the garage with us, I was afraid he would git hurt or eat something that would kill him. SO after five minuets I tied him out again. He pooped on the floor and we didn't know it until I stepped in it and tracked it all over the floor. but ha puppy's will be puppy's. When we were done I borough the kennel and the dog in the house as soon as he got in the house without worning he peed on the floor back out side he went. When he finished peeing and realized we wornt happy with him I brought him back in and put him in his new kennel to see what he though of that. He didn't like it one bit and let us know with an hour of uninterrupted barking then he pooped again and rolled in it. it stunk so bad I almost gaged. Grandma had to through him out and clean up the mess. When he was out he got in trouble at the neibors house,It was only noon and the fight was on and he was wining. That's the way my whole day went. until I went to bed and the puppy was in bed with me, The puppy peed again ON MY BED. If you think cute little puppy's come from heaven, I'm here to tell you one more day like yesterday and I will return this one.

And I picked him first ( the pick of the litter) HA!!! He dose know how to sit. Adams dog (The leftover of the litter) can sit, lay down, stay, fetch, he gets the papper in the morning and his sleppers in the evening, not only can he speek he can speek tn three languages, and when he has to go he askes for permision to be excuse. I know all this to be true becuse Adam told me,.



lil bro said...

loved it!!!ill sell you rex 650.00
he is quiet and never bites!!

MN Mom said...

Concerning Grandpas version of Flynns day yesterday, it was much worse than what grandpa wrote.......much much worse. But, we wake to another day and little devil pup is being on his best behavior.........but the day is young.

Jettie said...

As usaul I am laghing my tush off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I feel bad!! Thanks for keeping me on the right track and remebering why we don't want a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe you should send your flynn over with Adam!!! than it would be all trained when he brought him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just little ol' me said...

come on u guys Flynn is not that bad. he is getting better i think and just remember he is just a puppy. he doesn't know any better. give him a brake.

sulli said...

Hey grandpa.. I thought the point of kenneling a puppy at night was to teach him how not to poop where he sleeps... it just doesnt make sense to me that you kenneled him so that he could do the job, then let him play when he was done..I dont understand that. oh well, maybe flyn understands it better. Jettie...flynn didnt do anything so cruel he should be punished with going home with adam.

skip said...

ha sulli i guess i don't know the piont of kenneling a dog he wasn't supposta poop. all i know about dogs is that if he was a gold fish gold i'ed know what to do. but today he's much better...unless he's just messing with my head.

sulli said...

Well, maybe he learned his lesson yesterday. Or maybe spike scared him into obedience. doggy peer pressure or something.