Friday, March 28, 2008


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this one is . Becky came up to visit Allison me and grandma and Adam and kids in her new car right after it came out of the shop for some repair or an other, it's been in the shop a time or two in it's young life. The trip up was uneventfully , her time up here it run fine. But on the way home is when it all began. She got five miles on a two hundred and fifty Trip. It died along the highway, we towed her back to tower. We looked for a mechanic that could fix it, but it was a big job and would be expensive and take a long time.
What do we do? Then " just like in the cartoons a light bulb went off over my head." I could tow her home and the dealer she got the car from could fix it. Perfect idea, I just bough that truck in the picture and it's a good truck after all I payed $300.00 for it. We had a plane. So next the morning off we took. We were having a good time and singing songs. Then we hit the fifty mile line we held our breath ---------------------------------Then it was fifty one miles. A sigh of relief and on we went, More B.S. story telling and snaking, then the one hundred mile mark---------------------------whooooo we made it that's when we had to stop to restock on munchies and take this picture. Then it was two hundred we were in the city's I hate driving in the city's. We got lost on the main highway then we got lost on the side streets just to find the highway and get lost all over again. But after about fifty miles of driving in circles through the ghettos of Minneapolis and St. Paul we found the dealer she bough this lemon from.
We happily left them the car, got some directions and headed to Becks house in Wisconsin. No more song singing or story telling. Buck was in a loner car and I was following closely so I wouldn't get lost again, never though that Becky was probably lost.
Anyway we made it. We all had a good time on the road and with Livy and Scott. The next morning Beck and Scott had to go to work and live went to day care. So I headed my wonderfull truck north for a happily uneventfully trip home.
P.S. This truck doesn't have a name it's just known as the blue truck.


Bec said...

Haha, that was an exciting trip to say the least! I never knew you had suck a great singing voice! But...the getoes?!! And why do you call that white truck "the blue truck"?

sulli said...

Thats a good questions bec... why is it called the blue truck? I was wonderin that myself.

Skip said...

well i though it was obvious. firstly nobody wants to knowen as a person that would have a white truck. and this truck has a blue thing on the side and a blue sticker in the back window, what else would you call it. cerntly not the green truck.

Bec said...

ohhhhh, now it makes sence. Good thing we have you to explain this stuff to us!

sulli said...

that explains everything!!! I should have known.

P.S. My big surprise is almost ready! We did go adopting today!!!

Jettied said...

Call her the Blue Momma!! cause she was taking care of ya all!! How nice to have parents to help ya out!!!

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