Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is what my bumper looked like yesterday morning, oh ya their is no back bumper. So I went over to my friends shop and he welded a piece of bumper looking metal on it.

It didn't take to long and walla I've got a new bumper. I am now legal or at least close enough to it that the police won't stop me any more. At least not for that.
It looks pretty good don't it. It might be a little to Wide from side to side but not bad. I like it, and to think I was worried that it would make my truck look tacky. Thank you Jim.
One more thing. I told you I was having break probables. Well on my way home from Jim's I was just starting down main street of Tower and no breaks, none at all. I couldn't slow down I couldn't stop. The good thing was I wasn't going fast. I coasted the whole length of town to Bob's gas station. I was going slow enough to pull in. I pulled up to the pumps. Then I noticed parked their was A Highway patrol car "Oops". I went by the pumps at two miles per hour it wouldn't stop. Did I ever mention that the roller doesn't have an emergency break. So I slowly pulled through. Looking in the window at Bob's I could see Bob, Junior,Mike, and someone I didn't know. "Oh shucks" That's close to what I said, I gave it a little gas and back on the main street of town I was. But me being a lucky guy made it home, run into a snowbank in my back yard to stop myself. That's ware it sits right now wanting tell the parts store opens tomorrow. Today I'll have to walk to Bob's and try to explain why I slowly drove my and waved............He'll understand.


MN Mom said...

I think the new bumper looks great! Really completes it, and adds a little something to it......AND, not one rust spot on it! Gooooooo rusty roller!

lil bro said...

lol....its beutiful!!!! kant wait to inharit get my spellin from u dad

sulli said...

The new bumper does look awesome. Your so lucky! new bumper, no ticket and you survived your drive through town with no brakes. A good day all around.