Monday, March 31, 2008

wheeler to firecracker

Good morning; Spring is getting closer. Yesterday when Me and Flynn were out on our four Wheeler run. We run into a new problem. All the trails I use in the winter were hard packed and I could drive on top of the snow. Yesterday that snow was soft and I kept sinking in. Witch wasn't to bad in most palaces the snow is about two foot deep. But I did get stuck when I was just about to the top of Firecracker Mountain.

For those of you who don't know were Firecracker Mt. is let me explain. It's right north of town and you immediately start going up hill . On the really steep stretches the Snow is gone and it's all mud with rivulets of snow melt running through it. The mud is fun . I splash though it and right behind me is Flynn splashing through. We both have big smiles on our faces. Then we hit the two feet of snow, we both go belly up in it and slow down but we keep going, both with simile's on our faces. Oh ya' I was giving directions. North of town, up (Alyssa's, wolf howl hill), Take a right at the blue berry patch, follow that trail to the intersection of Diamond willow and Firecracker. Then take a right and one half a mile and your their.

Well we got to that intersection it the trail leveled out and the snow got deep. The start of our problems. We got stuck, I mean I got stuck. I managed to back to a muddy spot for a run. Boom I hit the snow again. I couldn't get through. I put Flynn on my lap I was afraid I'd run him over in all the back and forth ramming. That's when I found out how wet he was. Any way he fell off on the next ram. And we were barred, I had to dig out by hand, No shovel or help from Flynn. But we made it, I managed to get turned around ,and we made it home. A good time was had by all.
P.S. One day I'll have to tell you about Lissas wolf howl hill with a real wolf.


just little ol' me said...

well that soulds like fun.

Bec said...

not really, kinda sounds like a pain in the butt...well the getting stuck part!

sulli said...

oh, I know just the spot your talking about... glad you made it out, maybe you should put one of those little hand held garden spade things in your trunk for next time.

Skip said...

i have a shovel i carry in the winter and I just got rid of it a cuppele days ago. it went back in today.

jettied said...

True Boy fun!!!