Monday, March 3, 2008


Boy what fun! Did you see yesterdays responces. Ilove this.
O.k. I was tagged so here goes. I think this is right . so here goes.
"Will,the monks didn't pay of course, nor do the priory servants nor the villagers So it's just a traveling knight or a tinker every day or two.Then on holy days,when people come from all over the county to hear the services in the cathedral,we gather farthing galore.'
"It seems to me we might man the bridge on holy days only, and give you a fire out of the proceeds,"said Philip.
The book is (The pillar of earth) by Ken Follett . Set in the twelthe century . A rock cutter/mason just wants to make a cathedral and live his life.
Now that I've been duly tagged lets take to Jettie. Thanks for stopping by and I like your comment about puppy's and kids. Your right puppy's are like kids they pee and poops and gits into every thing and pees some more and wines when they don't get his own way, then they poops. All for 10% of the time when they are cute and cuddly and lovable. Do we do it for that 10%. No I think somehow we're sadistic saddest that are punishing ourselves.


ally said...

gess dad u are a popular guy.

Bec said...

So true about the Sadistic kid thing, me and Scott have several times looked for the 666 on Liv's head...its in there somewhere in all that hair, Im just sure of it! But in her definse evertime I complain about her you say "Oh not my granddaughtor she's a perfect angel and is never bad"! So must be just kids that are 10% good and grandkids that are 110% good. If thats the case I'm looking forward to Megan and Jason haveing kids, they are that age now...I'll just be sure to have them call me Nana instead of Gramma!!!

skip said...

bec your right about the 10% 110% thing. so that 10% that we could stand you when you were groing up you must have learnd something. and of corse liv's perfect angle. lol ((grandma told what meens))lol

Jettie said...

God You guys crack me up!! I sure do miss ya all!!!!!!!!!!!
I know what ever % it's something I wouldn't trade!!
Now if the rest of you would take your Dads leap here and get a blog going too!!!!!!!!!

sulli said...

I wonder why until today I could never find the % sign. And I wonder how you can read such books with the tough language to read with your bum spell checker? Thats gotta be tough. And nana,(I like the sound of that lol) there is no 666 on livies head, shes a perfect angel just like grandpa says. Quit checkin or else your gonna ruin her week! messin up her hair like that.

Bec said...

So true! as it is I'm always ruining her house and sometimes her whole day so I better let the hair go because she goes N-U-T-S when I mess up her "beautiful princess hair" p.s. I turned her into a boy with her magical wand last night and she went crying to her papa and wouldn't talk to me for 2 HOURS - even after I turned her back into a girl!! This morning I was still on her sh@! list so I better just cut her some slack!

Anonymous said...

I said no no no I don't wanna wear depends..i said no no no!!
I can't get over how ya crack me up!! I love it!!

sulli said...

Ok, I cant sit around here all morning waiting on you, so off to work I go. Have a great day!