Saturday, May 10, 2008


Good Morning;

It's finally Saturday. It's finally the first day of fishing. So what am I doing this morning? I'm working. Opening weekend I usually don't go fishing on Lake Vermilion anyway, It's way to crowded. Now today I'll be out their fighting the crowds with a forty foot barge. Most of the lake is still covered with ice. Out of a lake that's twenty miles long we have only a few miles of open water. With hundreds of boats packed in the narrows. I hope we don't run over anyone. I'm going to take a camera today to get pictures. I will be working tomorrow to But this will only last for about three more weeks.
I've still have a lot to learn about this computer. I found a blog sight that I'd really like to reply to but for some reason I can't send my coment's . I got through once, she takes wonderful pictures of birds I'll get it figured out.
And with all this business, I will come up with a story for Monday morning. Grandma reminded me of the hunted house I had in our town when I was a kid. Mabe that will work.


MN Wife said...

Good Morning Skip, i see you and Flynn must be out noseying around the lake. And just for the record, haunted houses always work.

Dana Jones said...

Skip, I left a comment at Lisa's blog. It was confusing. Click on comments, check create an account while posting message, fill out the blanks, include your email address, leave a message, check your email, click on the link to verify your account, and voila, your message should be posted. The next time you should just have to check on "I already have an account" and then fill the rest in.

It is a extra safety feature to keep weird and mean comments form being left. However, it might also make you get extra spam since they require your email address.

lisa marie said...

I hate how my comment thing is set up too and I'm working to fix the issue. But thank you for saying such nice things. :)

I have tried telling my blog thingie that I want anyone to be allowed to comment but it is an issue still for many people. So, I am thinking of moving to wordpress.

Again thank you! You still have ice on your lakes?! Wow! Ours finally melted, and hopefully no more snow for a few months. :)

Have a great weekend!

Jettied said...

hi there..I don't do the account thing I just do my name email and comments i leave my blog address in the comments..I know i love her blog..she visits mine quite often...She's the Outhouse race picture taker!!1
And ps... in case you didn't know it snowed most of the day here!!

sulli said...

yeah, this year stinks for fishing opener... we had snow as well. and rain...
Dad, I thought you retired? whats up with working?