Monday, May 12, 2008


House on Hollyhock Hill (part two) So the big night came. I said I was staying at Marty's house, Marty said he was staying at mine. We took our sleeping bags and flashlights. Taking guns or knife would be braking the rules of bravery. When we went out, it was just starting to get dark. There was a dozen or more guys at the fence line to support us. The older ones gloating because they made it. The younger ones shaking in fear knowing that in a year or two they would have to go in to test there manhood and test fate.

Some made it some didn't. We all knew the ones who did. The ones who didn't were all dead or in the mental institute.

So there we were at the door, I turned the handle. the watchers held their breath. We were in. We stood frozen in the door way. We both contemplated turning and running for home. But if we did we wouldn't be able to live in this town anymore.

Timidly we started to explore before it got to dark. Everything was dusty, the white lace curtains hung limp, it was deadly quit. We went from room to room. We looked out the window. There they were, at least twenty guys watching to see if we would run.There were pictures on the wall of a woman, it must be her. The wallpaper was ripped, the floor was dirty. I heard a sound and turned quickly, a mouse. Good, it wasn't a ghost.

It was dark now, we rolled out our sleeping bags in the front room close to the door. We had our flashlight's on when we heard the click at the front door.We went to investigate, thinking someone was fooling with us.We found the door locked, no one was around. Minor panic, how did that happen? We tiptoed around to the side door, it too was locked.

Then we heard a sound from upstairs thump, thump,------thump, thump, Like a ghost walking around. then an eerily quit hung over the whole place . We were'nt really trapped because the doors were locked, half the windows were broken we could have gotten out.

looking out the window into the dark we though we could see reflections of light coming from an upstairs window. the same one we earlier heard the thumping sounds. What time was it we didn't know, we both forgot to bring a watch. It's going to be a long night. Dog's barking sounded different. They say dog's know when a ghost or death was around.

Then out of no ware a cat came flying down the stairway screeching as if it was being chased by the devil or flung by a witch. Then I swear I could here laughter from above. It must be the ghost Hanna. Now we were scared, Marty grabbed the door handle, I was right behind him. It was locked. Good thing we couldn't run, we huddled close together. We heard the side door slam and evil laughter. We froze and stayed that way all night we couldn't move, we couldn't sleep. But after the door, all we heard was small sounds, mice, dog's in the distance, bug's buzzing, wind, our heart beats. We didn't even talk except in whispers.

It was a long night but morning was coming, the sky was getting lighter. We though it was just about over when BANG the said door opened. We jumped, then from the side room came three older boys. One of which was my friend Wally, with him was Bebo and Gordy. We were white, they were laughing.

They told us we made it. Then they told us the rules. Then made us swear a blood oath that we would never tell anyone what happened in the haunted house. It was them upstairs making howling noises, it was them with the cat, and slamming doors and laughing.

We just had to wait one hour and walk out the front door. We couldn't say a word to anyone, just go home. They would be out front with everyone else and would signal us when we could leave. When the signal came, Me and Marty were still white as sheets. We were dead tired so saying nothing was easy. We went home and to bed.

The following years we were allowed to be part of the older guys scaring the younger boys.
That house wasn't haunted after all. Hanna Helstroms haunted house on Hollyhock hill was just a house.

I missed that haunted house. I guess I miss it still.

*************************THE END******************************


sulli said...

Awesome story once again Dad! Cant wait for the next one!

Dana Jones said...

I knew it, all a hoax. I thought after all these boys gone missing or insane in a small town, something had to give.

Mn Wife said...

Gave me the shivers. Great story Skip!

Bec said...

Well I'm sure glad you didn't go insane!! Great story!

jettied said...

Another terriffic story!!!!!!!!!!! have you downloaded blurp yet and trasferred these stories to it yet??????? Iam serious i want a book!!!!!!!!!!! and that house!!!!!!!!!

just little ol' me said...

good storry dad. i almost got worried. kinda screy too. good job.

de-ranged mom said...

Once again great job very good story. I look forward to Monday Morning to raed your storys keep them coming.

Bec said...

You must be working alot...we miss you

MN Wife said...

He has been working alot, and long days, too pooped to blog lol

But, he`ll be back when he only has to work once in awhile

His blog suffers so when he works!

de-ranged mom said...
Joe's blog check it out

Dana Jones said...

We're going to have to put signs up on our blog, saying, "We want Skip! We want Skip!"

The blog world is waiting Skip!

de-ranged mom said...

HIs computer is on the fritz(broken) He will be back ASAP

Mn Wife said...

yayyyyyyyy, He`ll be back....our DSL box was shot, the guy came to fix it today! Skip will be so happy to find this out when he gets home today!

Dana Jones said...

Skip is "it"! I tagged him at Calicocat press today!

Just go to my blog, read the instructions and play along!


Dani-bell said...

Wow Hey grampa! I just read the story and the coments and i agree with jettied. I want a book! you should write one with small storys and I'll write one with one big one. That one that you read when it was my b-day. Guess what, I'm dome with school!!

Dana Jones said...

we're still waiting, or more like fidgeting now!