Saturday, May 3, 2008


This is Grandma it's hard to get a picture of her without a grand kid in her lap or cooking me something to eat. Or cleaning up some mess me or the dog made. But we all love her and need her to keep us balanced.
These are some pictures of my beautifully blushing Bride Wanda Mari. It's seems like just yesterday we walked down the isle.
This July it will be 37 years. And she's still pretty but I somehow got old. How did that happen? She doesn't have one gray hair and what hair I have left is mostly gray.
This afternoon we're having My sister and Brother in law over for dinner so I,m going to help clean up the mess the dog made out of the back porch. And I'll try to be helpfull in other ways. But Grandma always tells me I'm more help if I just get out of the way.


dani-bell said...

Ohh thats so sweet! im glad you and grandma walked down the isle because if you didn't i wouldn't have the coolest grandparents ever!

MN Wife said...

aweee skippy, that is so sweet, but lets not tell them why i have no grey, k? That`ll be our secret.

and ummmm, it`ll be 36 years, but who`s counting.

Dani, I`m glad we did too, or we`d never gotten to know our awesome grandkids. You are my sunshine. I used to sing that song to you when you were our first ray of sunshine.

Kisses grandpa

sulli said...

Grampa you softie! Im glad your helping grandma, but just in case she tells you your in the way... you better listen to her cuz shes really handy with that broom of hers.

deranged mom said...

That is so sweet The years don't count as long as you guys are happy. You guys look so happy in the picture.

Jettie said...

OOHH i love the pics!! I really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know you still look like you dd to me many years ago!! man I miss you!!

Dana Jones said...

It's a lucky man who has such a loving wife and family! Congrats on the 36 or 37 years and counting!

Mn Wife said...

I agree Dana, at least that is what i have been telling him for years. :)