Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am alive. I haven't been here for awhile and I"m afraid people have stopped coming around to check. I only have a few more days of working these long days. Today we don't start until 8:00 so I have a little time before I go. Nothing new has been happening in my life. I've got a real good farmers tan. I look tanned good and healthy until I take off my shirt then I look two toned.
I think I'm going to retire, again. Since I retired with 33 years from L.T.V. mining I've retired from an over the road trucking co. A propane co. a bait shop and soon to be a dock co.. I've had other offers of employment. The latest that I'm considering is a professional trapper. That sounds like something I might like.
So if there's anyone out there I'd like you to know I'm back and I'll try to be here every day. So don't count me out yet. I have a lot of blogs to read and answer and If I get home tonight with any energy left I'll start on that. And I have tomorrow off so I'm going to see if I can come with a story I know a few of you like them.


Dana Jones said...

I'm trying to figure out how to get paid to be a professional blogger! ha ha!

Have you sunk any boats this year Skip? How about dunking a few of the over-demanding customers? lol!

Okay, a new story, I can't wait!

Jettie said...

hey there..I completely understand!!!
and You retire...hahahahahahahah

sulli said...

Welcome back dad... I missed you.