Sunday, May 4, 2008


I don't know what's more interesting the two geese with no ware to go, or the two feet of ice that won't go. I took this picture yesterday. This time of the year the ice should be gone. All the rivers are flowing over banks into the lake and it's melting around the sides. But other then that 10 to 15 feet of watter you can see their is at least two feet of ice. Fishing season opens in six more days.
My busy time at work is from ice out for three to four weeks. I need to be on the lake lowering docks and putting in boat lifts. It takes a crew of three in one boat about four weeks of long days and weekends just to get all the docks that we have down. And on the bardg the two of us will take about three weeks to place all the boat lifts. If this isn't all ready by opener customers start to complain. We can't do anything about the ice but some of these cabin owners seem to think it's our fault. Is the customer right? I dough it.

p.s day before yesterday I got a bad hair cut I tryed to fix it it got worse. To make a long story short I shaved my head.


sulli said...

One thing I have learned in my 20 years of serving the customer.... they are most definately NOT right. (thats why walmart would never hire me... ;) )
Also... so, your bald?????????

MN Wife said...

I also tried to save his hair, but in the end the smart choice was to shave it off, save for a little peach fuzz. He looks real differant. lol

Dana Jones said...

Sorry about the ice and your delayed work. As for the hair, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! It'll grow back, most of it anyway. lol!

It is good luck to rub your hand on a bald head, so be expecting people from all walks of life to come up to you and feel the stubble.

Jettie said...

No serious>>> Okay i don't beleive it must see a pic of that!!!!!!!
And looks like the Geese are pushing out the ice!!

Bec said...

Hey wheres your picture of your new hair cut??