Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Danika's adventure with Grandpa.

Life is full of adventures. Some are big, some are small. Their are scary adventures, brave adventures, Sad or happy adventures. but the best adventures are the ones you can share.

It's like the question; If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise? The answer is; It doesn't matter.

This is an adventure Me and my granddaughter Danika shared in 2003. Danika was ten and I was old enough to drive the four-wheeler.

At the time I had a bait shop and trapped a lot of my own minnows. Dani was visiting me and her grandma for a week.

On that day we got on the four-wheeler and headed to rainbow river, a round trip of about eight miles. Out of tower we went east to the taconite trail for the first leg of our journey After about one mile we got on the rail grad section of the trail. This was smooth running so we were making good time. And me with tunnel vision was watching straight down the road. Dani, riding on the back was an excellent observer. She was seeing everything ,birds, squirrels and rabbits. Her head was swivling left and right up and down. then all of a sudden, little fist were pounding me on the back. Dani was trying to be heard over the sound of the wheeler.

When she finely got my attention I stopped. Dani was out of breath from excitement. But when she told me she seen a moose, I was excited. But a ten year old, come on. she might have said mouse."not moose". Ya but does she know a moose from a deer, Their is a lot of deer around. But we were going to find out.

We drove a little further until we found a place to turn around. We went back, we drove slowly hopeing that what ever it was, it was still there. What's the chance?

But there it was. A moose, a real moose. It was a gigantic female at least fifteen hundred pounds. Bigger then a horse and twice as ugly. We stopped the wheeler and shut it off to listen. It didn't move much at first. Then it started to walk around. Not threatening but I was getting a little nervous. This was spring and she probably had a calf with her.

A moose doesn't have claws or sharp teeth but it does out weigh Me, Dani and the four wheeler. If she was defending her calf I had no doubt that she would try to kill us. But after watching ten to fifteen minutes it wondered out of our sight.

Seeing a moose in the forest is a lucky omen. I'm in the woods all the time. If I see a moose once every ten years I would consider myself lucky.

So we happily continued our journey through the forest to Rainbow River. We collected our minnows out of the traps, and headed back. We tried to find the moose on the way back, no luck. Dani stayed with me at the bait shop and we told everyone we saw that day about our moose encounter. We had a good week.

So not only is Danika pretty, a star athlete in volley ball, a musician in the band and an honer roll student. she is the best wild life observer I've ever been in the forest with .

************not even the end**********
Love Grandpa,


Dani-Bell said...

Grandpa you are so cool! thats my favorite story! Thanks for putting it up.

Anonymous said...

You are coool!! Love it!! sadly....what stories will my kids remember from their granparents?

MN Mom said...

Great Memory Grandpa!

And anonymous, come on over this summer and we`ll make some camping memories! We always have room for more *grandkids*

sulli said...

Great story dad! Do you wanna know what I want to hear about? That time when you were a little girl. I love those stories...

Anonymous said...

That was nice. Sounds like you had lots of fun. I have never seen a moose and I have lived in mn forever.

Bec said...

That was a great one yet. Makes me remember when us kids and Dan and Kathys kids sliding in Alaska all alone when we saw a HUGE moose. That was the only time I ever saw one...unless I was at the zoo!