Sunday, April 13, 2008


I went out looking for sings of spring. not mush around here. The only thing I could find were some of the rivers are starting to open up due to all the snow melt. As you can see from the surrounding area I'd be hard pressed to find any new growth buds coming though.
I did see a bird but I couldn't get a picture he was to high and flying back south as fast as he could go.

The two pictures above are the West two river. And the one below is the East Two river.


sulli said...

Hi dad! Check for signs of spring on wed. Tuesday temp will almost... I am trembling with excitement here...its going to be almost 70 degrees on tues. Spring is definately here, even if it doesnt quite look like it yet. Yeah! We'll get some great pictures of spring then...

Jettied said...

Besides the holy crimmnies it is windy!!!!!!!!!! I think spring is here!!!!!!!!!!