Friday, April 18, 2008


Good morning; for some reason my computer won't let me upload any pictures. But that's OK . I haven't much time. It's Saturday and I'm going to work. I could work Sunday to but I'm going to cry uncle and take a day off.

Well every one have a good weekend. And I'll try to come up a story for my Monday morning story blog.
I got a picture to come up. It's not the one I wanted but it's something.


sulli said...

I hope you have a good weekend too dad! I have today off but have to work at the cafe tomarrow. Gonna go out and play with my bow today...Ill be thinking of you the whole time!

de-ranged mom said...

Sorry you had to work on such a nice day we had 64 today. The kids played outside all day. I hope tomarrow is as nice or nicer for your day off.