Sunday, April 13, 2008


(part one)

Angleworm Lake is north of Ely on the Gunflint trail. Their was a hiking trail all the way around it's eleven miles of shore line. I don't know when the D & R established it as a national park hiking trail and started to maintain it. But in 1961 it was a well marked trail that had three rest stop benches along it's route.

That was when I first hiked that trail. It was with boyscout pack 165. We nine boy scouts and two adult leaders packed for a day hike and got their early. We hiked half way around, cooked hot dogs, and hiked out. A pretty good adventure.

But me and Marty had better plans. We were going to come back with camping gear and the two of us were going to spend the night. We would camp at the half way point at the back side of the lake. A perfect plan. Non of the other guys wanted to go. But that was OK sometimes to many guys take the fun out of it. We were thirteen years old and we've been camping in the woods around around town before with our parents permission. So this wasn't to mush of a leap.

Our parents talked it over with each other and with the scout leader. When they were sure we were trustworthy and wouldn't get lost we had our permission to go.

Marty's brother Norvil and his friend Bebo would drive us to the start of the Angleworm Lake trail.

I could hardly wait. It was going to be next Saturday morning. We got packed early, we had a pup tent big enough for two. Marty's dog Banjo would have to sleep outside. We packed sleeping bags, hunting knife, hatchet, cooking stuff and food. We were going to fish with willow sticks so we brought hooks and line. We had our canteens full of water. But we had strict orders from mom's, no guns. Which was a bummer because we were both pretty good shots with our .22's. No swimsuit's again mom's orders. No swimming, stay safe. We wouldn't have taken swimsuits anyway. Skinny dipping is the way you did in in the woods.

Saturday morning finely came. And Norvil and Bebo shooed up at our house for the ride to Angleworms. Before we could leave Novel got the lecture from my mother about safe driving, No speeding, Make sure the boys get their safe and don't let them forget their camping gear in the car when they get out. I was mortified knowing I would get the raspberries all the way to the lake. After all Norvil and his friend were seventeen and to old to get lectured by anyone.

But anyway after all that we were on our way. And after enduring one hour ride with Marty's brother and bebo, we made it.

We got out with all our gear and Marty, Me and Banjo took off down the trail.

Norvil like all big brothers would probably pull some kind of a trick. So we took off down the trail to the left got out of sight then circled back and hid in the brush. They finished their cigarettes and just took off. Then we back tracked and went down the trail on the other side of the lake. Just in case they came back and tried to follow us they would be on the ring trail.

We thought up that plan before we left. I guess we were a little disappointed that they just got in the car and left.

*********END OF PART ONE**************


sulli said...

Good morning. Good start to the story..cant wait for part two... Sounds like you and marty might be trouble makers...

Dana Jones said...

Okay, I'm hooked. Where's part two?

Bec said...

I don't like having to wait until part 2 maybe you should do part 1 and then part 2 right away!!

Skip said...

Hi every one. part two will come tomoro. I hate to wright to many words on one post people will get tired of reading. And besides if you like part one you are invited to come back tomoro for part two.
So waint for tomoro stay hooked and have patcientes

just little ol' me said...

i can't wait for part 2 dad,

Dani-bell said...

Hey grandpa! I was reading your story and i can't wait for part 2 either! I think that you should write about the time you and me saw the moose! thats a good story! well ill be waiting

Anonymous said...

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