Sunday, April 6, 2008

LAKE WOB'A CHUE part one

*********Lake Wob'a chue** A fish story**********
I remember my first memorable fishing trip. I was six and I went with my grandfather who was to my eyes one hundred. We went to Four mile lake not far from my home in northern Minnesota. Grandpa said it's really name was (Lake Wob'a chue),. He said it was a Indian name that meant " Shitty little lake with small northers."Well that's what he said and grandpa knew a lot of things.
It was 1954 grandpa wasn't 100. He just looked that way to a six year old. He was sixty, about the age I am now.
I was a tough kid. I don't remember being especially smart or good looking, or a good singer, but I was tough, I could run through the woods like the wind. I could clime a tree like a bear, I could get a sliver in my hand and pull it out without even crying. I got that from my grandpa he was tough to. He could lift me over his head like I weighed nothing at all, and that impressed me.
But anyway on this day grandpa came over to get me at six A.M. because that's when those little northern bit the best. Mom packed our lunch, Sandwiches, apples, coffee for grandpa and two bottles of pop for me one grape and one orange crush.
We got in his panel truck and drove to four mile lake witch was four miles from town. "That was strange to." We parked the truck got out our gear Rods' tackle box, can or worms and lunch. We walked down to the lake witch was about a quarter of a mile. It was almost like camping. Truck ride, long hike. Then we set up camp . No tent but we had a spot for a camp fire with logs on both sides to sit on.
But first things first. We put worms on our hooks grandpa casted out first. He got it exactly were he wanted it. Then it was my turn, but before I could cast grandpa had to get behind a tree out of the way. I wasn't really a bad caster. But grandpa said he just wanted to give more room because I was more of a creative caster. After three or four tryes I got it out their to.
Then I cleared the rats nest in my real and we were ready.
Bobbers bobbing grandpa built a fire and we settled in for the first fish.
***************come back tomoro for part two******************


sulli said...

Your up early today! Ill definately come back for more of this story...You sound tough like your granson...except the sliver pulling part...You got him beat there.

sulli said...

p.s. how much snow did you end up with?

Skip said...

******SNOW REPORT******
This morning we have 25 inches every I meshured. I know I spelled ((meshured)) wrong. So whats knew.

Bec said...

I love the story but wheres part 2? Anyway we had sixty and sunny all weekend, outside with no jacket! I would probally have cried if we got more snow!

Jettie said...

Iam with ya Bec!! and I love the story!!

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