Monday, April 7, 2008

Lake Wob'a Chue Part two

*********Lake Wob'a Chue** A fish story**********
I caught the first fish " hot dog I won a nickel." Then grandpa caught the next two, one right after the other. All little northerns. Unless I could catch up and pass grandpa in the amount of fish I caught he would win the second nickel. That was the rules. First fish,most fish and biggest fish all got a nickel. Some times I would win. But mom would always give me three nickels. Because if grandpa won he would take them. Rules were rules.

Then we had for quite a time nothing. It was still early. I took a little hike along the shore,came back nothing.We had lunch. " Bobber down" I shouted. Grandpa pulled in number three with a big grin. Darn "I'll catch up with him", I thought.

Then for quite a wile we were both skipping rocks. when my bobber went down. Goods deal my turn! I picked up my rod and wanted to set the hook. It went down again . I reeled in a couple turns tell I had tension and BOOM I set the hook. To my surprise my rod bunt and drag was pealing out. Wissssssssssss it stopped, Grandpa was just as surprised. He reeled in line to get out of the way and give me room. Wissssssssssss It went out again the fight was on. I knew I could get it in. Grandpa said I could so I could.

With more advice then I've ever got at one time."keep the rod tip up," "Keep up tension," "Don't let it get in the weeds," "let it run."

He took off his shoes and rolled up his pant legs. We were Both in the water up to our ankles. Wisssssssssssssss. Holly cow, but grandpa said I could get it in. "I can get it in"
But the rod was bent, but I was winning. It was coming in. And then their it was, we could see it about five feet away. It was coming, grandpa went out a little further. We had no net. We didn't think we would need it. It was closer. Grandpa was out to his knees he reached down and grabbed it by the gulls. It was big and it was slippery but he had it and I had tension on the line. Then BANG the line snapped. I fell backward on my but in the water. grandpa fell forward on his knees and the fish slowly swam away..........................Nobody said a word, I though I screwed up I was about to cry. Grandpa started to laugh out loud "did he lose his mind?" "Did he finally go off the deep end?" He was wet from his armpits down. I was wet from my butt both ways. Grandpa was hooting and whooping.

He slapped me on the back and said that was the biggest northern he has ever seen in his life, fifty pounds at least. He told me how good I did. I would have had it but I only had twenty pound line on my rod.

We built up the fire to dry off our cloths. We talked for two hours about that fish. Grandpa let the other fish go, And right their he renamed that lake. On the maps its still called Four mile lake but now it's real name is "Lake Wob'a Chue" which in Indian language means " Lake with one dam big northern."


sulli said...

Great fishing story dad! You had me going, I thought you were gonna get that fish... But I know every great fishing story is about the one that got away...I just forgot is all.
Good Morning!!

Skip said...

Ha sulli. What happend to my post do you see all that dead space under my story. and my post time is off? I did something wrong

sulli said...

I dont know what happened to it, that happened once to my house moving post but when I edited it I could delete all that space.

Bec said...

That was pretty much the cutest story I ever read...and I read a lot of stories!!

MN Mom said...

Wiping tears from my eyes.

Jettie said...

Very good indeed...Skip have ya ever thought of writting a book of stories? go to and you can add pics too!! I love it you should try it i'd by some for sure!

Skip said...

thank you everybody for such nice comments. I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

just little ol' me said...

that was a good sory dad. to bad your fish got away.