Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is also a sign or spring. Yesterday was April 15th tax day. And once again on April 15th I find myself at my tax mans office in Ely. Hurrying and scurring to get my taxes done. This is my tax guy's office. I know it's not to impressive looking . Run down and shady but that's the kind of tax man I need. Oh well that's out of the way tell next year.
I'd like to apologize for the length of my blog yesterday I got carried away. I should have extended it by one more day. But their was so much stuff going on that day I guess I just got carried away.


Bec said...

talk about waiting until the very last minute for you taxes!! Hey wasn't it you who told me that the longer a story is the better? I loved your story yesterday and was glad you didn't put it into three parts like mom was threatening you'd do!!

Dana Jones said...

I'm glad you finished it yesterday, (the story). If you had stopped mid-way through I wouldn't be able to wait till the end.

I've noticed most "tax guys" have the cheapest of offices. I guess they pinch their pennies till they bleed. ha ha.

sulli said...

I loved your story too. I am glad you finished it yesterday. Most of us can read a lot of words in one day ... I sent those photos you asked for...Im not posting until I learn my crap for that test... so gotta go... bye.
If you write your book, Ill edit it. ta ta

Anonymous said...

Tax time is a drag but we all have to do it most people like to get it done with but there are the few who chose to want why did you waint?