Sunday, April 27, 2008


Friday morning Grandma, Me and Flynn gassed up the rusty roller and headed to Sulli's house for a surprise birthday party for Danika's sweet 15th. Of coarse Grandma wanted to take the good truck . But wheres the adventure in that. And no that's not a mini camper on the back. Flynn doesn't travel light. I took many pictures of my beautiful grand kids. And this is the best one I got of Olivia with Sulli's chickens. And no Flynn didn't eat even one chicken or one grandchild.

On the way home we stoped in the town of Akely to visit Paul Bunyan. Nice guy bet He don't say much. So we didn't stay long

On the way home we hit and killed four birds before we were half way home. It was weird birds don't just fly in front of you're truck. You usually just drive and the things get out of the way. I don't know if all the snow just made them want to it. Or if their was a Field of marijuana burning somewhere. But after that I was very carefully and slowed down when ever I seen a bird on the road.


MN Mom said...

The surprise party was worth giving up most of the seat to Flynn.

And you two looked like pauls best friends.


Dana Jones said...

welcome home skip. Sorry about the birds. I bet you felt like you were in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. That is weird. Maybe all the snow just pushed them over the edge. Hope your truck survived the trip and the birds.

Bec said...

Haha, your windshield was probally just too clean, I don't wash mine just incase that very thing was to happen!

Bec said...

p.s. I love the picture of you and Flyn!

sulli said...

Im so glad you all came. Dani love it too. I knew flynn wouldnt eat the chickens. Wierd about the birds though...what kind were they? I know those grouse are pretty dumb were they grouse?

Skip said...

They were just little dumb birds 4 or them in 4 difernt spots. weard.