Sunday, April 6, 2008


Woke up this morning and what did I see? I seen a snowy world looking back at me. I guess the weather man said something about snow and rain mix,. But of course I couldn't believe it. The weather has been so nice. Just look at my four Wheeler and you can't even tell my truck is blue. We have seven inches right now and it's still snowing.

It's twenty-five degrees right now, and still snowing.
I just went to sulli's blog, she's got snow to. WOW do I love Minnesota. I can hardly want to get out side on my wheeler and play. I suppose the dog won't be able to run with me, His ears will be dragging in the snow. Well maybe we will try.
I was working just yesterday. We set up three decks that I was going to paint Monday. I can't spray paint anything unless it's forty-five degrees and sunny. I guess I'll find something else to do on Monday.
I can enjoy all this snow I don't have to go any ware. Sarah's car is stuck in the road on her way to work, and Adam is on the way to work in Virginia right now. He called me to say the roads are really bad, he said thy were plowed some time during the night but its snowing fast.
Good luck to everybody.
***************Weather update************
This morning when I got up I looked out the window and guessed seven inches of snow. I went out at 11:00 and measured thirteen inches of snow and its still falling. Who said April couldn't be fun.


sulli said...

This stinks!
I hope adam makes it to virginia safely.
have fun playing in the stinkin snow!

sulli said...


Jettied said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for you...guess what we haven't got any and it's 5:30 sunday!! can't beleive it not evan a snowflake!!!!!!!!! and no rain either!!!

Skip said...

It's 9;00 P.M. me and grandma just came back from baby sitting. We had to take the weeler. truck stuck. Anyway snow well over two feet and rising. I'll bet it's over three feet by morning.